hmmm…what do I tell you about this book. I know almost everybody has read it, so I’ll skip the plot and go right into the ‘my thoughts’ part.

First of all, I don’t know why this is called Science Fiction. Could someone please explain that to me? It’s a different world, yes, but does that make it Science Fiction?
I found it very difficult to get into this book. It just did not pull me in at least for the first 100 pages. The premise of this book was very creepy and horrifying. But I couldn’t actually feel the horror for more than half of the book because I was trying to understand what was happening. I hope you do understand what I mean here. I started appreciating the writing style only after 150 or so pages of the book. But after that I fell in love with the minimalist writing style and the intelligent phrases.

I did like this book but I was expecting to like it a lot more. The end was abrupt and I hate when that happens.

*spoiler alert*
I do understand the end where as the girl was concerned. Either she escaped or she was caught. But what happened to the regime? What happened to all the handmaid’s? There were just too many unanswered questions for me to feel satisfied with the book.
*spoiler end*

I do recommend this book. It’s just that I wanted to like it more than 3.5 stars. But then I feel happy that I have finally read the book I wanted to read for a long time.

Almost everyone I know has loved this book. Is there anyone out there who agrees with me even somewhat?