I just received a book from the wonderful Jennifer from Literary Housewife. Thank you Jennifer.

Fiscal Pear and Shimmer embark on their annual adventure only to find themselves running for their lives! A diabolical bakery and her villainous henchmen have hatched an evil plan to catch the walking talking pear in a last ditch effort to save the bakery from ruin. SOL realizes the power needed to help the little pear and lightning bug lies with the Council of the Wise. In a flash, SOL flies through the air with them on his back in an attempt to get them safely to the Council. When SOL disappears in mid-flight, Fiscal Pear and Shimmer plummet into the dark vastness beneath them and unexpectedly come face to face with the worst of the bakery’s agents…Cutter! Cornered in the dead of night, how will they ever escape Cutter and his gang in the thick forest?

I am reading ‘Umrao Jan Ada’ by Khuswant Singh at the moment and its a library book. So I have to return it as soon as possible. But I can’t wait to start with this book.