On a normal library day I can borrow either 6 books or 4 books and 2 AV material. But libraries here are awesome at doing promotional things often enough. This time I could borrow 12 library items till January end. Obviously I have been taking advantage of that. Unfortunately I saw the promotional announcement just recently so that doesn’t give me a lot of days to take advantage of it.
Anyway, I borrowed 9 books and 4 AV’s.

The witching Hour is about a girl Maggie whose grandmother was burned for being a witch. She runs away from her town but disaster follows her.
Sea is set in the days after the Indonesian Tsunami in 2004. It’s YA and looks real interesting.
Candor is a book I had wanted to read for a long time. I think it’s a YA dystopian novel.
The Great Elephant Escape follows the life of 2 elephants and their journey in a Thailand Orphanage.
Memoirs of a Monster Hunter is obviously a memoir. I really don’t know what it’s about but the title was very interesting.
Jellicoe Road is another YA book I have been wanting to read for a long time. But after seeing it on a number of ‘Best of 2010’ lists, I thought I should just pick it up already.

I also borrowed a couple of calvin and hobbes books for my husband and a couple of audio books for him as he listens to them while jogging.

I also borrowed 2 movies

I’m not sure how many books I will actually read before the due date but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.