New books in the house

New books in the house - books on dance

All these books are related to dance. 2 are on ballet and one is on Flamenco.

The Everyday Dance by Deborah Bull is a memoir of a famous ballerina. It describes her everyday life of a dancer as the title suggests.

Life in Motion by Misty Copeland is a memoir of an African American soloist dancing with the prestigious American Ballet Theater. For a ballerina to be African American at that time was very rare.

Duende by Jason Webster as the tagline says ‘is a journey into the heart of Flamenco. Enough said.

The Everyday Dance by Deborah BullLife in Motion by Misty CopelandDuende by Jason Webster

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  1. bermudaonion (Kathy)

    Are you a dancer? They all look good to me!

    • I am a Kathak dancer, that’s classical Indian dance. But I think all classical have a similar base. And once you love dancing, it’s easy to appreciate other dance forms as well :)

  2. Literary Feline

    Such pretty covers! I have a rather tattered copy of a book full of pictures of ballet performances–as a child, I would look through the pages and imagine I was among the dancers. :-)

  3. Hi Violet,

    It is SO good to catch up with you after such a long break and I love the new look site.

    I love to watch the arts, however I have little, if any artistic talent of my own.

    Whilst the books in themselves may not be of particular interest to me, I am captivated by the cover art of ‘Life In Motion’. It screams beauty and grace, but with a sharp contrast of power and determination.

    I hope that you enjoy them all,


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