Book blogging, as a concept, is essentially pretty simple: If you have Internet access and an opinion about a book, you can be a book blogger. However, actually maintaining a book blog is much more complicated — our blogs are labors of love that require a lot of time, energy and devotion. For this edition of Weekly Geeks, I want to focus on the little things that make your blogging and/or reading life a bit easier. Do you use sites like GoodReads, LibraryThing or Shelfari to organize your books? Do you swear by Book Darts? Couldn’t live without your Book Buddy? Love connecting with other bloggers on sites such as Twitter? Tell us about what makes your blog tick. Is there something specific that keeps you organized or inspired?

This is the Weekly Geeks for 23rd Oct, but I’m already loosing track of things, so I guess it’s ok :)

Before my blog I had an account on Shelfari. I used to LOVE it. Most of the books on my wishlist came from endless surfing on that site.

But after I started blogging, most of my wishlist comes from other bloggers. I opened a new account on Shelfari, one with my blog name. But then it tends to load very slowly. It really irritated me at times. I had heard about Goodreads but somehow I never liked it. But when Shelfari was blocked at my new workplace, I tired Goodreads and now I love it. There are things to be desired still, but usually I’m satisfied with it. But I think the communities in Shelfari are more active than the ones in Goodreads. Anyway…let’s move on.

I swear by Google Reader too as many of you do. I don’t know what I would have done without it. It helps me keep track of more than 200 book blogs and 200 other blogs as well.

What else makes my life easier? Twitter? NO, I think it takes away a chunk of my reading and blogging time. But then it’s fun connecting to people and getting to know them a little better. Besides you get to know a lot of things that are going on in blogspere that you otherwise would have never got to know about.

What makes your blog tick? Is there something specific that keeps you organized or inspired? As I have always said, my blog lets me talk about books and that’s more than enough inspiration. It has become a way of life now.

I’m on Ning too and bookblips. I access Ning sometimes but I don’t remember the last time I accessed bookblips. Sometimes it all gets so overwhelming.

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