The Night Circus
Author: Erin Morgenstern
Source: Audible
Audiobook Narrator: Jim Dale
Duration: 13 hours 43 minutes
3 out of 5

Another book which was very popular in the Book Community and another one I didn’t love as much. But I get the hype of this one. The premise is unusual, a night circus that tours around towns, but is actually a facade for a magical duel between 2 people. It says ‘fierce competition’ in the summary and therein lies my problem. I didn’t find anything fierce or thrilling in the duel part of it. The writing was amazing; the story was fascinating but it was painfully slow. I listened to the audiobook and my mind kept drifting off and for the most part it didn’t seem like I missed anything important.

Also I didn’t feel like the romance was very compelling either.

The book gets interesting in parts but then again falls in it’s own slow rhythm. Widget, Poppet and Bailey were the only interesting characters in the book. But as I said, the premise was very unusual and I feel that is probably the strength of the book, because I keep thinking about the magical circus and the possibilities after I’ve finished the book.

Audiobook Narrator: Jim Dale was amazing. He is the voice for the Harry Potter Books and has won 2 Grammy’s along with a few other awards. So there is nothing to complain about really. The only time I found it funny was when he was speaking for Celia, his voice was overly soft and girly. But I don’t have a lot of experience with Audiobooks and thats probably the way everyone else does it as well.

Note: The Night Circus gif is from here.