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November 2007

Not pleasant, read it at your own risk.

I hate people who think they are the only ones sitting in a company bus. This girl on a seat behind mine was playing Enrique’s ’Be with me’ remix. Also there was this stupid Radio Mirchi playing in the bus… Continue Reading →

What do you prefer?

How many of you own an electronic book reader or have at least tried using one? How comfortable are you using it? Do you prefer holding an electronic thing instead of a real book? They say it represents the future… Continue Reading →

A Sleepy update

How long can a human being work, or let’s say a normal human being work. I have seen and heard people in IT working for 48 hours nonstop. All it takes is lots of coffee and lots of cigarettes. But… Continue Reading →

Diwali Updates: umm no, Holiday updates…

I have managed to stay busy for the past 5-6 days doing nothing. Well as it was Diwali last week, so I decided to take 3 days off and Friday was a holiday. So that makes it Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,… Continue Reading →

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