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September 2008

all things general…

I haven’t updated, as in actually updated for a long time. Book reviews don’t count. I am still unable to write anything. I start writing and then cannot go any further. I really don’t know why. I haven’t told you… Continue Reading →

BTT: Well, That was different!

What was the most unusual (for you) book you ever read? Either because the book itself was completely from out in left field somewhere, or was a genre you never read, or was the only book available on a long… Continue Reading →

Review: Centaur in the city, Exact change only

I got this book from minibookexpo Well, it’s a children’s book and only 33 pages, so it took me a little more than an hour to finish it. Hugh Rye is a centaur. Now how many of you know what… Continue Reading →

Review: Prisoner of Tehran-Marina Nemat

This book(a memoir) is set in the times when Ayatollah Khomeini toppled Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi’s government, the ruler of Iran for many years. Khomeini was imprisoned by the Shah for opposing his reforms and had him exiled from Iran. He… Continue Reading →

66 questions

I have nicked this from acidicice. I have things to write but I don’t know how to. Till I figure that out, I am going to do this meme because I find it really interesting. There are 66 questions originally,… Continue Reading →

Fiscal Pear and Shimmer in the call of the River Whale

A mournful sob followed by the sound of crying penetrates the night’s silence, causing the owl stationed nearby to wonder what the matter is. And thus, we are introduced to a walking, talking Fiscal Pear. Yes, it is actually a… Continue Reading →

Umrao Jan Ada: The story of a courtesan of Lucknow

Some people say Umrao Jan Ada really did exist. Some are not very sure. But this book says everything written is true. There is nothing to not believe in this book. But Umrao Jan remains a mystery to date. Who… Continue Reading →

Whats in your mailbox?

I just received a book from the wonderful Jennifer from Literary Housewife. Thank you Jennifer. Fiscal Pear and Shimmer embark on their annual adventure only to find themselves running for their lives! A diabolical bakery and her villainous henchmen have… Continue Reading →

Protected: Is caste that important?

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Peer Pressure : BTT

I was looking through books yesterday at the shops and saw all the Twilight books, which I know basically nothing about. What I do know is that I’m beginning to feel like I’m the *only* person who knows nothing about… Continue Reading →

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