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This blog for me is a place where I post my thoughts. And as books form a major part of my life you’ll find that 90% content here is about books. You might find personal tid-bits occasionally too.

If you want to discuss about books, about the latest movie or just say hi, write to me in the contact form below and hit submit. I will always reply even if I don’t reply on time 🙂

To authors, publishers and publicists

All review requests are more than welcome. But I might not accept all requests considering the size of my TBR pile. And I do not accept e-books for review at the moment. Sorry.

Genre’s I like:
Well, I like most genres, my favorites being romance, memoirs, multicultural fiction, woman’s fiction, young adult, thrillers, travelogues, fantasy and horror. I occasionally read a short story collection, chic-lit or self-help, but I tend to be way too selective while accepting books falling in these genres. I also love books that have rainforests, jungles as backdrop. I don’t mind historical and science fiction either. Oh and yes, I don’t read poetry.

I will review each and every book that I receive but at my own pace. Generally, I like to review ARC’s before or after 1 month of publishing date. For book tours, the review will be posted on the tour date. If you want a review early or within a specific time, do include that information in your email. Unfortunately at this time I do not accept e-books. I am open to books from traditional publishers and self-published books too. But If it’s a self published book, do try and include an excerpt.

My reviews generally include the Amazon link, the author’s website, the publisher and a little information about the author. If you want me to include anything else, do let me know and I’ll be happy to do it.

My reviews are honest. But even if I didn’t like a particular book I don’t lash out. I try to include positives as well as negatives so that my readers can decide for themselves. If I absolutely do not like the book, I’ll contact you first. But I won’t under any circumstances change my review. I would prefer not posting it at all. I post my reviews on Amazon, Good reads, Powells, Barnes and Noble and occasionally on Shelfari.

Giveaways, interviews and guest posts:
I am open to all three. I would prefer to have read at least one book by the author I am interviewing or guest posting. Giveaways are more than welcome.

Please do not send any unsolicited book. My address keeps changing and your book might get lost.

What else? I’ll update this as and when I think of anything else.

I hope you find this helpful. If you want to know anything else, just ask away.

–VioletCrush (You can call me Violet)

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