Hi…I’ve been working as a Graphic Designer for 3 years now and my main goal and dream was always to design Book Covers. but since there are not many opportunities to do that in SE Asia I’ve decided to take matters in my own hands.

If you are a self published author, I know how difficult it might be to find designers to design your book covers for you. Why don’t we help each other out? Since I haven’t designed any Book Covers professionally, I feel charging for them at this stage would be wrong. So I offer to design the first few covers for FREE. First come first serve basis.

Things I will provide –

  1. 2 free Design mocks.
  2. After you choose the one you like, I will present the final design to you.
  3. Any changes you want will be incorporated.
  4. The only thing I will charge for is any picture you want on your cover. (e.g from Getty images). If you have your own picture then of-course no charge.

What I need from you –

  1. Please send an email to violetc.books at gmail dot com with the content (Book name, author name, synopsis, genre, pictures and blurbs if any)
  2. Any Book Covers you have as inspirations
  3. The dimensions of the cover (measurements)
  4. Timeline.

Disclaimers –

  1. Only fiction books please. Non-fiction is fine as long as it’s a memoir, travelogue or nature book.
  2. Endless changes will not be entertained. I will do changes as long as I find them reasonable (e.g font change, placement change and text change).

About me: I have a Diploma in Graphic Design from Singapore. I have worked in 2 Singapore companies and am now working as a Freelancer. If you want to take a look at my work, here is my portfolio website




For all my Book Blogger Friends, if you know anyone who needs a Book Cover Design for free, please do let them know 🙂